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Hugs to all!!

I missed seeing many of the attendees, but saw many as well and look forward to following and using this incredible website to keep in touch through photos and messages.   Lots and lots of gratitude to the teamwork and contributions of so many folks, who made this possible for so many. 


Dianne Tkach

I so enjoyed this reunion. I have not attended one since our 20th and that was a lot of fun, but this one will be hard to beat.

it was so much fun connecting with all those that I have not seen for years.

Jack Fannon it was great to see you and remind you of all the money you still owe me for

Bill Feeney how fun it was to go down memory lane and laugh about how we walked home and held hands in sixth grade and carved our initles in the sidewalk by my parents house. Times have moved on but our memories will always be with us. 

To the entire reunion committee I want to say a huge THANK YOU for all the hard work and hours you spent to make this such a huge success. 

Until we meet again Mahalo and a Hui Hou


Sue Beckers

Thanks to everyone that had a hand in making this the best reunion ever. I am so glad my Sister Laurie helped my wife Chris with the kids and her care so I could make it. I enjoyed all the stories and and the way everyone hung around after. I wish I could have talked to more people but was unable to. Cudos to you all. 

Mike Rosener
50th Reunion

Hey all you very senior Highlanders, that was one great blowout. I especially enjoyed hooking up with all my old friends. Especially ol Susie Beckers, she was like a sister to me in school. We remembered some great events and times. Ya, Susie, I still owe you a pot full of lunch monies!

Barbie Heinz, it was great remembering back to the third grade, ya know! The parade was fun, glad you were there.

Pat, Jim, Bruce and the rest of the gang: Great Job, couldn't have enjoyed it without all of your efforts. KUDOS!         Jack (John) Fannon

John (Jack) Fannon Jr

I talked to a lot of classmates..but not as many as I had hoped. I'm on FACEBOOK. Facebook  me a message on how we can connect. Or say hello there. And I'll get back to you.

Pat Proft

Pat Proft
A Wonderful Reunion

THANK YOU, THANK YOU to Jim, Bruce, Pat and the entire reunion committee!! All your hard work resulted in a great event. It seemed as though the committee thought of everything to make it an unforgettable reunion.

Carol Dahlbom
Friends Forever!

Special thoughts go out to Linda Miller.  To think we never knew each other growing up and yet back iin 2013 when you came up to my place we discovered we were Classmates. Who would have thought we would end up living at Parkview Ville and becoming such awesome friends. The Wine is always chilled just bring the cheese and crackers. 😉

Diann Ellavsky

what an awesome event. The BEST,  

Judy Carlson, I missed you.  I really wanted to viist,

My frist time at Tasty Pizza, maybe even having pizza. I lead a very shelter life!

thanks to everyone, You Out Did Yourselves".........

Diann Ellavsky
Thanking all that participated with the Memories Segment of Program

I would personally like to thank all of you that contributed to the Memories Segment of the program.  First of all there should be recognition given to Nancy (Tremmel) Norling and husband Denny for their effort to get the Memory Sheets distributed at the Tasty Pizza/Parade event and collected.  Without those sheets it would have been difficult to keep the program segment flowing smoothly.  Thank you Nancy and Denny!

It was these sheets along with some other comments made by some of you that gave us the topics to focus on for that segment.

There were so many more memories given but we just did not have enough time to cover them all.  I believe we could have gone on for at least another 30 minutes or more.

Thank all of you that spoke into the mikes and I know many more would have loved to add comments had we continued.

I hope the rest of the class enjoyed this segment as much as I did and I encourage all of you to remember some of the things we could not cover this time around and perhaps we will be able to do this again at a later reunion.

Everyone have a fantastic summer and try to stay in contact on this wonderful webpage Bruce Edwards has created for us.

Thank you;

Ron Sucik


Ronald Sucik
Smiles until we meet again...


Amazing & awesome weekend!  I'm not certain I was able to hug & squeeze each of you but I really tried my best to do so ... especially those who've not attended in the past or not for many years!  I don't know what was the best event and only going to lump them together as one giant happy 50th Reunion Weekend! We were delighted to visit with those who hopped from a few streets over, drove a few miles or traveled several states or oceans to be with everyone!

A special mention and thanks to all of those before us who have kept these 50 years a tradition for our 1965 class ... although you are never properly thanked, you are not forgotten & you know who you are!  i hope to see many of you in 5 years... or before, if our paths should cross!  However, a 60th reunion would certainly be nice to gather once again for smiles, hugs & laughter!  Until then .... 

PS - for those of you who may not have family to stay with in the area - the LivINN  Hotel in Fridley has been renovated and is a perfect place to stay!




Susan Peterson
Counting down the days...

It is hard to believe, in just six days we will be gathered in Columbia Heights with some friends we've known since kindergarten, others we have passed in the halls or skated with on 42nd Street or perhaps were a classmate in biology or speech.  

I for one, will be thinking of those who are unable to attend, for whatever reason, and of those who are mentioned on our 'memory' page.  We are blessed to have many smiling faces attending these events and thankful for each person who has contributed time and energy to making our weekend a success!  

For those of us who have attending many reunions, please take a moment this coming weekend to reach out to those who have never attended a reunion in the past and make them feel welcome - everyone's bios are amazing to read!  And I hope I can meet everyone I've not seen in several years!  Hugs to each & Go Hylanders!



Susan Peterson
Fifty Years Ago

Found this picture of my parents and myself. Was still a senior at CHHS when this picture was taken, but soon to be an alumni. Now it is fifty years later and my parents are both gone and I dont look at all like that young girl. 

Can't wait to see everyone and catch up on the past fifty years. 

Sue Beckers

HI message reviewers --------  I noticed my spelling is off a few times---not really dyslexic-- just trying to go to fast as I am having so much fun seeing pictures of the classmates. -Pat Proft---could you have a listing of all the student and teacher names you used in the movie? Leslie Neilson is so funny---how anyone working with him could have kept a staight face is beyond the imagination. Mike and I have enjoyed all the movies as we prefer comedy.

Regina Ciesynski

Thank-you Diana Kjera for coming to rescue me from my hotel to go to Tasty Pizza anad the parade.


Regina Ciesynski
trailer park pool

Hi Phil,  Do you know where Steve Johnson is at now? How about our swims at the trailer park pool?  You and Steve got me out of the bottom of the pool when I passed out and Steve's sister helped. Pat Olson was there also.

Regina Ciesynski
wrong hotel

Sorry about where I am staying but it is at the Americinn where our white tent is for Saturday night--I will not be at the Marriott-----of course if I drive to the cities I'll probably end up there or some other hotel!!!  By staying by the white tent I won't have so far to try and walk back to my room.  We do need some polka and waltz music---I know Diane T just loves it!!  Polka music is happy music!!!!----

Regina Ciesynski
2005 Reunion Band

Check out the band


Mike Rosener

I am really psyched and as the days get closer am starting to dream of the events.  I sat on the curb of 40th and Jefferson for years watching the parade.  The carnival, the theatre, the HS -- the memories are overwhelming and so very real once more.  Got my ticket.  Get yours soon too.  I want to see you there!

Dianne Tkach
Class Colors

Hey, I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but, I graduated under the class colors of Blue and Gold. Where did blue and white come from?     John Fannon ( Jack)

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